ICT Protege Touchscreen Keypad

ICT Protege Touchscreen Keypad

ICT Protege Touchscreen Keypad

The ICT Protege Touchscreen Keypad is the ideal solution to creating an outstanding user experience. Eliminate the need for a myriad of keypads, control panels and switches for each part of a system create true integration in any building environment.

Mounting Options

With a thickness of only 22mm, the Protege Touchscreen Keypad complements any building interior. The keypad can be mounted over a traditional flush box mount requiring only 15mm depth inside the wall cavity. The widescreen unit complements and enhances any building interior, with custom frame inserts available on special order to truly synchronize interior designs.

Installation Wiring

The power is provided to the Protege Touchscreen Keypad via a suitable 12VDC power supply. Ethernet connection to LAN allows for installation using either a dedicated Protege network (recommended for multiple touchscreen installations) or simply connecting the Protege Touchscreen Keypad and Protege Integrated System Controller into the buildings existing network.

Networking Capabilities

The 10/100 Ethernet network connection is completely configurable via the onboard setup menu or the touchscreen builder software.

Protege Control

Use the Protege Touchscreen Keypad to create custom menus and displays that allow control and viewing of any inputs and outputs in the Protege System. Create floor plans to display this information in a concise and powerful way.

Graphics and Video Capabilities

Create a unique user experience with a blend of high quality graphics and customizable images which can be displayed up to 640 x 480 resolution.Audio Capabilities

Play high definition audio from WAV, MP3 or WMA files to announce events, warn and inform users of alarm or other input status. Voice notification of network status is built in for ease of installation.

Touchscreen Builder Software

Build a menu system completely customized for each installation. Create pages for the access control, security and automation for any building or combine all key functions into a floor plan or main page.

Feature Highlights

  • 12VDC power supply input with Intelligent Power Saving mode
  • Communication with the Protege Integrated System Controller by Ethernet.
  • 2x monitored zone inputs or 4x with duplex zone operation
  • 1x programmable open collector Output, suitable for digital or relay control.
  • 10/100 Ethernet with link/data status indicator
  • 128MB onboard RAM, 256MB flash storage space

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